Whether you’re looking to straighten natural afro hair, smooth afro curls or reduce frizzy hair, a relaxer is an instant way to get softer, more manageable curls.

Our afro hair stylists at Karen Wright Salon in  Croydon are here to offer expert advice on the best hair smoothing treatment for your hair type and will also give you a great daily care routine and recommend the best products to use for relaxed hair.

If you are looking for a more natural hair smoothing system, you might want to consider the Arosci Intensive Restructing System at Karen Wright Salon in Croydon.  This gives you straighter, smoother hair without the use of some of the stronger chemicals found in relaxers.  Find out more about our Arosci Hair Smoothing Treatment here.

Please note:  If you are new to our salon or we haven't seen you in a while, we will do a quick strand test on your hair to make sure that it is suitable for a relaxer service.  

The Benefits Of Relaxer Treatments On Afro Or Multi Textured Hair

Hair relaxers at Karen Wright salon have many benefits which include:

  • Straighten afro hair
  • Smooth afro or multi textured hair
  • Soften your afro curls
  • Make afro and curly hair less tangled
  • Make your afro hairstyle more managable
  • Reduce styling time spent on your afro or multi textured hair

Hair relaxers at Karen Wright are created with YOU and your individual styling needs in mind. When relaxing afro hair, we take many factors into consideration including;

  • What afro curl type do you have?
  • How long is your afro or multi textured hair?
  • What is the condition of your hair?
  • Is your afro or multi textured hair suitable for a relaxer?
  • What hairstyle would you like after your relaxer service?
  • What is your current home hair care routine?

Professional relaxer treatments at Karen Wright salon will deliver exceptional results every time. Our talented team of specialist afro hairdressers are experts at creating smoother, softer and more manageable styles for our happy clients and their afro or multi textured hair.

 How Long Will My Relaxed Afro Hair Remain Straight?

Hair relaxing is a long-lasting afro hair smoothing service which straightens hair until the hair grows out or is cut. When your hair grows, you will need to have a ‘touch up’ service in our Croydon hair salon.

Which Relaxers Do You Use At Karen Wright Salon In Croydon?

At Karen Wright Hair Salon, we use the best hair relaxers for afro hair.   We will consider a number of factors when relaxing your hair, such as your curl type, hair length, and the current condition of your Afro hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, your Karen Wright stylist may suggest a deep conditioning hair treatment to further protect and strengthen your afro or multi textured hair.

With the use of our recommended Avlon and Syntonics hair relaxers, we can transform even the most difficult hair into sensational shiny, healthy looking and beautiful styles.  We will carefully assess your hair, scalp and carry out a strand test during our consultation to determine the perfect product to use. 

You will be advised on how to maintain your hairstyle and the best home care products to use, so you can be confident between your appointments. Home care products will  be provide at the salon. 

Syntonics Botanical Conditioning Crème Relaxer 

Syntonics Relaxer Products at Karen Wright Hair Salon, Afro Hairdressing Experts in Croydon

This conditioning crème relaxer gives hair a magnificently smooth, silken texture and leaves the scalp feeling terrific.

The scientifically balanced sodium hydroxide formula includes the conditioners and botanicals that your hair and scalp really need, with no artificial colours or parabens.

Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Calendula soothe the scalp and reduce irritation, while Honey, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter lock in moisture.

The results are astonishing: a healthy scalp and soft, free-flowing hair that feels as good as it looks.

Avlon Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System

Avlon Relaxer Products at Karen Wright Hair Salon, Afro Hairdressing Experts in CroydonThe Avlon Affirm conditioning relaxer system consists of state of the art products that condition the hair before, during and after relaxing.

It offers phenomenal straightening but your hair keeps up to 81% of its elasticity making it less susceptible to breakage.

Your hair will be left feeling feeling soft and looking radiant with the Avlon Affirm Conditioning Relaxer Treatment.



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