How To Care For Your Hair in Lockdown

The 5 Most Common Hair Problems Faced During Lockdown and The Best Products To Fix Them!

2021 hasn't started as well as we had hoped, with another national lockdown. One of the worries that our clients had in the previous lockdowns was how to care for their hair properly and avoid hair problems which can often be exacerbated by stress, illness and environmental factors during long periods of isolation.

The experts at Karen Wright Salon in Thornton Heath, Croydon, are here to advise on the best ways to treat your locks during the salon closure….

Dry Hair During Lockdown

Davines NouNou Hair Care Range Karen Wright Hair Salon CroydonWith the latest lockdown falling in winter, one problem that we have encountered is dehydrated, lifeless hair. Endless cups of warming tea (rather than hair quenching water), a combination of cold weather and central heating can all have an adverse effect on your hair’s moisture levels.

If your hair is feeling dry, brittle and stressed, infuse moisture into it with the deeply hydrating Davines NOUNOU range of products. The moisture-rich formula is packed with ingredients that soothe troubled strands, protect from environmental aggressors and strengthen individual hair shafts. 

For more information and to order your Davines NOUNOU products click here


Ethically Produced Hair Products That Work

Aside from providing superb quality results with their products, which allow us to to treat a wide range of hair and scalp concerns, the Davines range is also:

  • Free from harmful parabens
  • Free from sulphates
  • Free from pdp
  • Use zero fossil gasses
  • Completely carbon neutral⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Davines is a non profitable b company that cares about the environment and invests back into sustainable projects throughout the world. They also use 40% LESS PLASTIC than any other beauty brand. All of the products have a natural active ingredient that is grown in the Davines village in Parma, Italy. Davines also supports and sustains the local economy, including the farms that produce the ingredients that they use in their range of products. We feel that their ethos is an excellent fit for Karen Wright Salon.

Keep Your Blonde Looking Bright Not Brassy

Davines Minu Range Karen WrightAre you worried about flashing your brassy locks on a Zoom call during lockdown? Is your brilliant red hair colour looking less, well, brilliant?

Keep your hair colour looking fresh during the lockdown with the Davines MINU range, a colour-enhancing selection of products designed specifically for coloured hair, protecting the colour and keeping it looking bright for longer. The 100% sulphate free formula leaves hair hydrated, silky smooth and smelling delicious. 

Find out more and choose Davines MINU shampoo & conditioner to protect your coloured hair during the lockdown here


Covid Related Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, a fragile scalp or thinning hair during the lockdown it can cause anxious feelings and a loss of confidence. Hair loss during the pandemic has become common amongst many men and women.

Hair loss can be caused by many factors and many people who have recovered from coronavirus have reported thinning hair and hair loss. In most cases this hair will return 

If you are concerned about the health of your hair or scalp, why not book a consultation for our holistic hair treatment services, when the salon reopens? For more information about our holistic hair treatments click here

Dry, Itchy Scalp

Solu Scrub Karen Wright Salon in Thornton Heath, CroydonHas the stress of lockdown, isolation and poor styling choices (ahem, the messy topknot) affected your scalp? Many of our clients have reported having a tight, dry and itchy scalp during the lockdown. 

Whether you’ve been clutching your hair trying to juggle work, household chores and home schooling,  or you have been unwell or caring for those who are, the worries can all take a physical toll on your scalp.

Treat your scalp to a mini spa break with Davines SOLU scrub shampoo with sea salt. It refreshes the scalp and removes impurities, product residues and polluting particles from the hair and scalp. It gives texture to the hair and keeps it feeling lighter and more clean for longer. 

Keep In Touch With Us!

We know that lockdowns can have an adverse effect on both your physical and mental health. We are more than just the place you go to get your hair done and we care about each and every one of our clients. Keep up to date with our social media channels for updates and drop us a direct message if you need a chat or any advice during this lockdown. 

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We hope it won’t be too long until we can welcome you back into our Croydon hair salon but, in the meantime, please take care of yourselves and each other.